Slack integration

    How to send alerts from to slack channels. offer a few convenient bots which allows users receiving instant messages. However it can also deliver alerts and notifications to Slack channels using Slack Webhooks. can send alerts to your Slack environment by the Incoming WebHooks Slack app.

    In order to set it up, enter Slack configuration, add Incoming WebHooks app and configure it.

    Then copy the Webhook Url parameter.

    Then enter your channel configuration page, click on the “Add Slack Connection” menu option in the Webhooks button. Paste the Webhook Url in the field and save the connection. Now all alerts delivered to your channel will be forwarded to your Slack channel too.

    Note: Slack integration is different from other IM bot integration. Since it is based on webhooks it is one-way only: there is no way to send messages back to from Slack. 

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