EZAlert.me bot commands

    EZAlert.me runs bot programs which provides a simple way to subscribe channels and receive the alerts delivered to them via the API.

    At the moment the service provides 3 bots:

    To use one of them just add it to your messenger platform and use the start command as described in Getting started with EZAlert.me.

    Once you added the bot you can send simple text command to it. EZAlert.me bot understands the following commands:


    Use help to get a the list of commands EZALert.me bot understands.

    start YY-YYYYYYYY

    Use start command followed by your channel start code to subscribe to an EZAlert channel.

    If you haven’t an Ezalert.me channel yet, register here and create one for free!

    stop YY-YYYYYYYY

    To unfollow a specific channel, use stop followed by the start code of the channel.


    Use info to get info about the channels you subscribed.


    Use endall to unfollow all subscribed EZAlert.me channels. No questions asked.


    Use hi to know whether EZAlert.me bot is alive: it will reply greeting you….he is a nice boy!


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