Receiving alerts and notifications from GitHub

    GitHub repos can call a webhook and pass to a service a number of interesting information about events happening in the repo itself.

    For example GitHUB can create call a webhook every time someone pushes to repo or every time someone forks the repo.

    GitHub webhooks echosystem is well documented here. implements a very easy way to receive those calls  and transform them to notifications in a channel, so that they can be received by all the subribers of the channel.

    So you can monitor a GitHUB repo and receive a notification in Slack or Telegram o Discord, just to give a few examples, everytime something relevant happens.

    How to setup GitHub webhook

    First of all login to, select the channel you want to use to distribute your repo events (or create a new one) and use Config menu to show channel's API keys. Copy the GitHub Webhook address you find in the modal.

    Then open your GitHub repo, click on the "Webhook" option o the left menu and click "Add webhook" button.

    Paste the URL you copied into "Payload URL" field of the webhook configuration as in the following image:

    As per default GitHub will only send alerts on push events, but if you want you can change this behaviour and and even choose the individual events you want to receive.

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