Discord integration

    Discord is a the well known chat and voice chat app.

    EZAlert.me can easily post all the notification received from one of its channels to Discord using  webhooks integration.

    To set it up, enter Discord, and select the channel where you want to receive alerts in. Click on the gear icon to enter channel configuration and select "Integrations" tab. Here click on the "New webhook button", and give a name to the webhook. This is the name the wehook will post messages from.

    If you want you can also choose an image for your webhook.

    After that click on "Copy Webhook URL" and login to your EZAlert.me profile. Select the channel you want to connect to this Discord channel, then click on the Webhooks button and select "Add Discord webhook" menu option.

    Paste the Discord Webhook URL in the  webhook field of the modal and save it.

    If everything went as expected, you will immediately get a message on Discord which confirms the webhook is correctly set up.

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