Receiving alerts and notifications from GitLab

    GitLab repositories have the capability to trigger a webhook, sending valuable information about events occurring within the repository.

    For instance, GitLab can invoke a webhook whenever someone pushes changes to the repository or forks it. offers a straightforward method for receiving these webhook calls and converting them into notifications within an channel. This ensures that all channel subscribers can stay informed.

    As a result, you can effectively monitor a GitLab repository and receive notifications via platforms like Slack, Telegram, or Discord whenever significant events occur.

    Setting up a GitLab webhook:

    Start by logging into, selecting the desired channel for distributing your repository events (or creating a new one), and accessing the Config menu to reveal the channel's API keys. Make sure to copy the GitLub Webhook address provided in the modal.

    Next, navigate to your GitLab repository. On the left menu, select "Settings > Webhook" option, then click the "Add new webhook" button.

    In the webhook configuration, paste the URL you copied into the "Payload URL" field, as illustrated below:

    Then select which events will be notified and save the configuration.

    With this setup, you'll be seamlessly informed about crucial repository events through notifications on your preferred communication platforms.

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