Receiving alerts and notifications from Shelly sensors

    Shelly is a fast-growing IoT brand which brought its comprehensive suite of smart home automation solutions that are user-friendly, reliable, and innovative.

    Within the Shelly line of products there are the following sensors:

    • Shelly flood: detects flooding
    • Shelly H&T: humidity and temperature sensor
    • Shelly door:  detects and reports the opening and closing of doors and windows

    These sensors have an interesting function: they can call a webhook call everytime something changes in the environment they monitor.

    For example, we can set a Shelly H&T so that in the case the temperature changes of 1 C degree, it will call a configured URL and ttransmit information about room temperature and humidity.

    Each channel provides a specific webhook for shelly sensor that can receive such calls, grab the informations the sensor transmit e relay them to all the channel subscribers.

    To configure this function login to your account, access the desired channel page and select "Config -> Api keys" menu. The API key configuratio modal pops up. Now just select the URL of the Shelly webhook integration.

    If you want you can type the name of the device you are going to get alerts from. You can hoose the name you wish, and you usually want to set a name that allows you easily recognize the device. For example you can name a device "Garage Temperature" or "Kitchen flood sensor". In case you don't choose a name, will use the interal device name.

    Once you are happy with the name just copy the URL by clicking the Copy button in the field.

    The open Shelly app or access shelly cloud site, locate the device and enter its configuration panel. In the "I/O Actions" section, enable the sensor reports URL and paste the webhook URL in the action field. Then save the configuration.

    Once the configuration is completed you will receive an alert every time the sensor is activated.

    WARNING: sometimes Shelly devices seems unable to reach SSL Urls. In the case your Shelly sensor is unable to send alerts, try use "http://" instead of "https://" in the Webhook URL. It usually fix the problem but please note that HTTP protocol is not encrypted and inerently less secure than HTTPS.

    Here follows a sample of the received message:

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