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Push alerts the easy way! (Easy-Alert-Me) is a simple HTTP service that allows you send notifications and text alert messages to your smartphone or favorite messaging app via scripts from any program, script, iot device using a simple REST API call or just sending an email.

Receive alerts on your phone

Why should you consider using This versatile service seamlessly delivers alert messages to your preferred messenger app, the one you use daily. Whether you’re on Telegram, Slack, Discord, Teams, Skype, or any other popular messaging platform, has you covered.



Program your servers, applications or devices to alert you as soon as something relevant happens.


The Channel concept allows more members of your team to subscribe and receive the alerts they are interested in.

Easy to implement

Here follow a few examples of alert sending from various platforms:

curl ",+we+have+a+problem!"

Works on Linux, BSD and Mac shell and Windows 10/11 command prompt

const https = require('https');
https.get(''+encodeURIComponent("Houston, we have a problem!"));

$rc=file_get_contents(''.urlencode("Huston, we have a problem!"));
echo "API reply: $rc\n";
import requests
params=(('apikey','YY-YYYYYYYYYYYY'), ('text','test alert'))
rc=requests.get('', params)


What offers you


A straightforward REST API empowers you to seamlessly integrate alert sending into any application within just a few minutes.


No limits on alert contents. You can send up to 2048 chars of text, including emoticons and special chars.

Email gateway

If you need, you can send an email and it will send it as a push notification to your smartphone.

Teamworking uses the Channel concept to distribute alerts to your whole team.


We built for ourself, because we are developers and we needed an easy and reliable way to allow our apps reach us.

IOT Ready

Ready to be used with Arduino, Shelly, Home Assistant and many more IOT and Smart Home software and devices.

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