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FAQ about

Which are the supported IM platforms?

At the moment supports the following platforms:

How long alert text can be? supports messages long up to 4096 chars. Some additional limit can apply on the destination istant messaging platform.

Can I send alerts to anyone?

Yes, but whoever needs to receive your alerts must first register to your channel, sending a message to BOT containing the channel start code.
Each channel has a different start code, so only people that know the code can receive your alerts.
This registration process also prevents the use of to deliver marketing messages. can only be used as an alerting tool, it is not for marketing!

Why I have to send a message to bot to receive Alerts?

We designed to be an alerting broadcast gear. We did our best to prevent it to be used to send unsolicited messages to people not willing to receive them. That's why every user who wants to receive alerts, have to manually add bot and send it a startup message with the code of the channel they want to subscribe to. We think this is a very effective way to prevent to became a spam distibution platform!

Is free?

You can use for free.
In the future we will probably add paid plans that will provide advanced features, like more than one channel per account, a higher hourly API call rate limit, and higher priority messages.

Can I send an unlimited number of alerts?

Yes, BUT there is a limit for the hourly usage of the API.
In the free plan the limit is set to 60 API calls per hour, so you can send a maximum of 60 alerts per hour.

Why the API limit is so low?

Since anybody can use for free, we need to limit the use of the platform of each account to allow all users to benefit from our free alerts delivery service.

How I know whether I am hitting the API hourly limit?

Each API response will include a x-ezalertme-apilimit header that will export the number of calls you did and actual hourly limit.

x-ezalertme-apilimit: 3/60

means that you used 3 calls on the 60 available in the hour.
In any event if you go over the limit the API will reply with an error.

Will you support more IM platforms in the future?

Yes, definitely.
We are working on that and the more people will use and support the more effort we will spend in adding new features.
However, we also have to consider that not all instant messaging platforms can be connected.

Why don't you support Whatsapp?

At the moment Whatsapp terms of service do not allow us (or anyone) to build bots that can send messages to their users. Anyway we will be more than happy to add Whatsapp in the future if things change.
In the meanwhile, we strongly suggest you to give Telegram a try.

Why don't you support Twitter?

At the moment Twitter impose a strict limit to the number of daily direct messages an App can send. This limit looks low and can be a severe limitation to the ability of to deliver alerts via twitter to the whole userbase.

How do you process alerts?

Once your program/device calls API to send an alert, the alert is stored in a queue with all the alerts sent by all the other users.
Alerts queue is usually processed in a first-in-first-out fashion, but we also planning to have queue priorities for paying customers in the future.

Are all the alerts delivered?

We do our best to transport your alerts to destination, but Internet is a complex ecosystem and many things can go wrong in the transport process.
This means that uses a best effort strategy to deliver your alerts but we can't guarantee they will be always delivered.
As soon as this service will be more stable (out of the beta stage) we are going to publish delivery statistics.

Are the alerts I send via secure?

We do our best to keep our systems safe. Anyway all the alerts processed by are short term stored in unencrypted form, so we strongly suggest you to not send sensible/classified data via aim is to allow you a convenient way to be notified about events from automatic systems, and is not intended to be suitable for transporting confidential information.

My device can't call APIs but it can email alerts. Does support it?

Yes! Each channel also has an email gateway that can deliver email alerts via istant messages.

What kind of user data do you collect from the IM? collects and stores the minimum viable set of data needed to provide you the service: usually only the username and full name you used on the IM. We are not interested in collecting user data.

What kind of messages will you send me via IM? will only send you messages strictly related to the service itself. If you connect to one of bots you will receive the alerts you will send via API or email gateway and few very rare general communications about the service itself (like maintenance schedules, service changes, and so on). We do not and will not spam, send advertisement or any other messages which is not strictly related with service.