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How works

Subscribe to service here, create a channel and get your "start code".

A start code is a string in the format YY-YYYYYYYY that you have to send to the instant messenger bot to let it know you are allowed to receive alerts from your channel.

In your channel configuration page, clicking on the "Show API keys" button, you also find an API Key you will use to send messages to your channel. API key is in the format YY-YYYYYYYYYYYY.
Where you find your channel start code

Add BOT on your favourite instant messages platform. Supported platforms so far include: Telegram, Skype and Facebook Messenger. Send a message to bot containing the word "start" plus your start code.


  Start YY-YYYYYYYY Bot will reply with a subscription confirmation message.
You are now subscribed to your channel.

Now that you subscribed to your channel, you can enable your systems and programs to send alerts via the RESTful API.
Call the API with a simple GET or POST to the API endpoint passing the following parameters:

Example of GET call url:
Sample alert received on Skype

This kind of API call is pretty simple and can be instantiated with any programming language, even within a Unix shell script:

curl ",+we+have+a+problem!"

Or in Windows Power Shell:

wget ",+we+have+a+problem!"

That's all. Easy, isn't it? :-)

The device/software you want receive alerts from can't do API calls?
If it can send emails have a look at email gateway, or check out our tutorial about WooCommerce sending instant messages on new orders.

If you need more info please have a look at FAQ and bot commands pages, or have a look at samples about how to use EZAlert API on GitHub. Git includes shell scripts, code snippets in various languages (PHP, Python, Perl, ..), and it also contains samples about how to use with Zabbix and Monit.

Want to receive alerts on Slack too? Learn how to configure - Slack integration.