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EZAlert.me offers a simple API to allow your programs or devices send you alerts via popular instant messages applications like Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger or Slack.
Here we publish posts about use cases, samples and stuffs related to EZAlert.me use and configuration.
If you like to share notes about how you use EZAlert.me, just sent us an email to ezalert(at)ezalert.me.
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Integrate GitHub with EZAlert.me

If you are a GitHub user, you will be pleased to know that EZAlert.me offers a webhook that can be called every time something happens on one of your GitHub repositories, and the best part is that the configuration is super easy.

First of all you need to own a channel on EZAlert.me, so if you have not, register on EZAlert.me and create one. Then navigate to channel details and click on the "Show API Keys" button to make the modal appear.

EZAlert.me GitHub webhook

Copy the URL in the GitHub webhook section, then go to GitHub, select your repository. click on Options button and then select Webhooks". Click on Add webhook then paste the URL you copied in the Payload URL field.

How to configure GitHub Webhooks

Once you complete the configuration, just subscribe the EZAlert.me channel via one of its bots (Skype bot, Telegram bot, Facebook Messenger bot) and get GitHub notifications directly on your mobile phone.